About Us

The Hospice Caregiving Research Network is a long-standing interdisciplinary team of researchers committed to intervention research to support caregivers. We aim to design and test interventions for hospice caregivers that can be delivered through various technologies in an effort to overcome the geographic burden and isolation created through caring for a dying loved one.

Our Aims

We are committed to improving the caregiving experience. Our interventions are based upon needs identified by hospice patients, caregivers and staff. We advocate for extensive participatory evaluation in all our projects. Our interventions are designed to facilitate translation into clinical practice. We collaborate with hospice agencies nation-wide to capture a diverse range of caregiver experiences.

We offer expert support for compassionate care.

Supported By:

The NIH National Institute on Nursing Research (R01NR012213 , G. Demiris PI, 2011-2015)

The NIH National Institute on Nursing Research (R01NR011472 , D. Parker Oliver PI, 2010-2014)

The John A. Hartford Foundation Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholars Program (K. Washington PI, 2011-2013)

The NIH National Institute on Nursing Research (R21 NR010744, G. Demiris PI, 2008-2010)

The NIH National Cancer Institute (R21CA120179, D. Parker Oliver PI, 2006-2008)

The John A. Hartford Foundation (D. Parker Oliver PI, 2003-2005)

The University of Missouri Research Board (G. Demiris PI, 2005-2006)

The Catherine Pouget Research Award of the MAPI Research Institute (G. Demiris PI, 2003-2005)